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There are several different laws in Oklahoma that most people would classify under the banner of auto theft. Auto theft is, of course, the outright stealing of a car, but Oklahoma law also recognizes a variety of situations that may be charged and punished as technically different crimes.

Life Sentence GUI | Auto Farm, Auto Steal Dropp...

People who commit insurance fraud range from first time opportunists to organized criminal rings who conspire to steal millions of dollars from insurance companies and consumers, to professionals and technicians who inflate the cost of services or charge for services not rendered; to ordinary people who want to cover their deductible or view filing a claim as an opportunity to make a little money. All lines of insurance are susceptible to fraud, but it is particularly prevalent in automobile insurance, healthcare, and workers' compensation.

A person commits larceny of an "automotive driven vehicle" by taking and carrying away an automobile, aircraft, or construction or farm equipment belonging to another with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of their property. For example, a professional thief who breaks into a car and steals it to take it to a chop shop has committed larceny.

Horse theft is the crime of stealing horses. A person engaged in stealing horses is known as a horse thief. Historically, punishments were often severe for horse theft, with several cultures pronouncing the sentence of death upon actual or presumed thieves. Several societies were formed in the United States to prevent horse theft and apprehend horse thieves. However, horse theft continues to occur throughout the world, as horses are stolen for their meat, for ransom, or in disputes between their owners and other persons. Horse theft today is comparable to automobile theft, a crime punishable by felony jail time. Both horses and cars are valuable commodities. 041b061a72


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