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Guide to Malaysian Odds

Malaysian odds are straightforward and easy to understand, but have you truly grasped the essence of Malaysian odds? Can you differentiate this type of odds from others in the market, such as American odds or Hong Kong odds? Or do you simply rely on luck when placing your bets? Having a thorough understanding of Malaysian odds can significantly increase your chances of winning. So, let's bookmaker meaning win betting tips delve deeper into this popular betting option.

What are Malaysian odds?

As mentioned earlier, Malaysian odds are a popular betting option in the sports betting market and are favored by many players. Like other types of odds, Malaysian odds are displayed as both positive and negative numbers, which are analyzed by bookmakers based on the performance of the two teams. The unit of measurement for Malaysian odds is 1.00, similar to Indonesian odds.

To be honest, when starting out in betting, you should not choose Malaysian odds. Although they are dubbed as "more to win, less to lose," they require players to have experience and good calculation skills to conquer this type of odds.

How Malaysian odds work

Have you ever wondered why malaysia best betting sites are called "more to win, less to lose"? Let's find the answer to this question together. Malaysian odds consist of positive and negative odds. Therefore:

Positive odds

If a team has a 50% chance of winning, the odds will be displayed as 1.00 to indicate a 1-to-1 ratio. The formula to calculate the winning amount is: amount wagered x odds.

Example: In a football match between Vietnam (VN) and China (CN) with odds of 0.8 : 0.85, if you bet 10 million VND on VN and win, you will receive 10 million x 0.8 = 8 million VND, plus your initial wager.

Negative odds

If you see negative odds, it means the probability of winning is below 50% and indicates the underdog team. If you bet on the underdog team and win, you will receive more than your initial wager. The formula to calculate the winning amount is: amount wagered / odds.

Example: In a football match between South Korea (SK) and Vietnam (VN), where SK gives a handicap of 0.5 with odds of -0.9 when betting on VN, if you bet 10 million VND on VN and win, you will receive 10 million / 0.95 = 10.52 million VND. Additionally, you will receive your initial wager.

How to convert Malaysian odds to decimal odds

Most popular international betting site list have features that allow players to convert between different odds formats based on their preferences and strengths. This means if you don't like Malaysian odds, you can easily convert them to fractional or decimal odds. The website will automatically perform this conversion.

If you want to do it yourself or cross-check, follow these instructions:

Positive odds: simply add 1 to the Malaysian odds.

Example: Malaysian odds are 0.8, equivalent to decimal odds of 1.87.

Negative odds: divide the Malaysian odds by 1, then add 1 to the result.

Example: Malaysian odds are 0.5, equivalent to decimal odds of 3, because: (1 + (1/0.5)).

Illustrative examples

To help you better understand how to calculate Malaysian odds, here are a few simple examples to practice sports betting.

Example 1:

In the World Cup 2022 qualifiers, Vietnam (VN) plays against Malaysia, and the odds for both teams to score are 0.7. If you bet 10 million VND on both teams scoring, you will win 7 million VND. So the total winnings are 17 million VND.

Example 2:

Continuing with the same teams, if VN is the favorite with odds of -0.8 to beat Malaysia, and you bet 10 million VND on VN to win, then: 10 million VND / 0.8 = 12.5 million VND profit. This means you will win 12.5 million VND if VN wins, plus your initial wager, resulting in a total of 22.5 million VND.

Example 3:

Still using the same teams, if Cong Phuong has odds of 1.00 to score at any time, and you bet 10 million VND on VN scoring, then: 10 million VND x 1.00 odds = 10 million VND profit. So you will win 10 million VND if VN scores, plus your initial wager, resulting in a total of 20 million VND.


Contained within this comprehensive compilation are a myriad of experiences, illustrative examples, and detailed insights into Malaysian odds, meticulously curated and generously shared by our panel of seasoned experts. Delving into the intricacies and mechanics of this particular form of odds, coupled with the application of astute strategies and drawing from a wealth of firsthand experiences, can undeniably amplify the prospects of success in your betting endeavors. It is our earnest aspiration that the wealth of knowledge disseminated within these pages serves as a beacon of guidance for you as you navigate the realm of online betting in Vietnam, propelling you towards the attainment of substantial victories. With our best wishes for success, may fortune favor your endeavors!


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