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[S1E7] The Ride Along

Sergeant Grey informs Officer Nolan and Officer Bishop that they are going to have a movie director as a ride-along during their patrol after a fun afternoon granting the wish of a Make-A-Wish kid as honorary police officer Kaydence Patton.

[S1E7] The Ride Along

THE ROOKIE - "The Ride Along" - Sergeant Grey informs Officer Nolan and Officer Bishop that they are going to have a movie director as a ride-along during their patrol after a fun afternoon granting the wish of a Make-A-Wish kid as honorary police officer Kaydence Patton. Meanwhile, Officer Bradford is tested once again after he learns that his wife, Isabel, has been arrested for drug possession, on "The Rookie," TUESDAY, DEC. 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)MELISSA O'NEIL

Nolan and Bishop are assigned Hollywood director Rupert Payne, of whom Nolan is a fan, for a ride along to research his new film. Despite orders to keep him away from any dangerous situations, Payne observes Nolan and Bishop deescalating a situation involving a mentally impaired young man from a troubled neighborhood, which leads to a dangerous situation when Rupert tries to help the young man's family. Meanwhile, West informs Lopez that she is being considered for detective, which prompts Lopez to attempt leveraging smaller criminals into giving up a major player, which ultimately backfires. Elsewhere, Bradford's wife is arrested in a drugs bust, forcing Bradford to choose, once and for all, between his devotion to his wife and his devotion to his duty as a cop.

They ride out on a skiff of some sort pulled by a creature called a mudmander that Graydon later names Kenneth (which is cute). The bad guys chase and we get a fun fight/chase scene where we learn that Graydon actually has magical powers, too. Boorman has the magical Kymerian Cuirass but refuses to use it (he wants just the right moment) but they make their escape anyways, thanks to both Elora and Graydon casting spells at the bad guys.

Aegon is getting drunk and ogling the comely cater-waiters. Glum Aemond introduces us to a new bit of information: Aegon is betrothed to their sister Helaena. Aegon is none too happy about this. It's not the incest that bothers him, of course, it's the choice of bride. He walks offscreen shouting, "Wench! Another!"

Class 3-E prepares for a field trip to Kyoto, which is also being used as a venue to assassinate Korosensei. The students are arranged into groups, in which Nagisa, Kaede, Karma, Sugino, Manami, and class idol Yukiko Kanzaki agree to be in a group. On the train ride to Kyoto, high school male delinquents steal Yukiko's itinerary, noting the group activities. The next day, the group visits all the assassination landmarks, but they are ambushed by the male delinquents, who kidnap Kaede and Yukiko. While in captivity, Yukiko laments to Kaede about her rebellious acts due to being raised in a strict family. Nagisa, Karma, Sugino, and Manami use an extensive guidebook written by Korosensei, which provides a thorough procedure for hostage situations, to deduce where Kaede and Yukiko are being held. Korosensei arrives to deal with the delinquents while Nagisa and the others knock them out with their guidebooks. Following the incident, Yukiko is encouraged by Korosensei's words of wisdom, in which those with the will to drive forward will come out strong regardless of situation or status.

Boba nips off to the palace to fetch his new rancor pal and ride it into battle against the Scorpenek droids, but Cad Bane uses his flamethrower to knock Boba off his perch. The rancor proceeds to wreck the town until Grogu sends him to sleep with the Force (before taking a nap himself).

The infamous Race Bannon has in the meantime defeated a horde of Snakemen on their plane, retrieved the top-secret formula they had stolen, and destroyed the plane with a grenade. As he parachutes to apparent safety, the wing of the out-of-control plane smashes into his stomach and knocks him unconscious. He lands in a neighborhood full of young children, who prod at his body and chase it when the wind fills his parachute and drags him along the ground. The plane crashes on the grounds of the Venture Compound, but not before the canister Race had dropped smashes into Hank Venture's head. After investigating the wreckage, Hank, Dean Venture and Brock Samson find Race, who is near death. Race gasps that the canister, which contains "Goliath Serum," must be protected at all costs, then dies. (Rather messily, as all his sphincters relax and he releases his bowels; something which Brock deadpans, "Yeah, they never show that part on TV.")

After Richard pesters Dr. Venture for his urine sample, Sally Impossible stops by Venture's office with what she assures him is a clean urine sample, and the two begin flirting over a flask of whiskey. She confesses to Venture that she is frustrated with the confines of the base and longs to escape with an exciting man. As she draws near to kiss Venture, her skin vanishes and reveals the musculature beneath. Venture screams in horror and flees blindly, stumbling across Sally's brother Cody (who bursts painfully into flame when exposed to oxygen) and cousin Ned (who is mentally-handicapped and resembles an enormous callus). Sally explains that these strange afflictions are the result of an accident, and that she is able to keep her skin visible only by concentrating. Unnoticed by any of them, Richard eavesdrops on the conversation via an elongated ear. Feigning a casual air, he enters the room and invites Venture for a ride in one of his advanced vehicles, a flying car. As he flies over the Arctic wasteland, he justifies what he is about to do to Venture, who can not hear him due to the howling wind. He abruptly strands Venture in the snow-swept landscape and returns to base. Attempting to look on the bright side, Venture reflects that his I-Suit will keep him warm; as if on cue, the garment shatters into pieces and leaves him nude.

Since Brooklyn disappeared with the limo, Emily and Gabriel ride a Vespa back to the hotel. They can't get into Brooklyn's room as they don't have the correct alias that she's under, so they sulk in the bar. As they talk about their respective lives, Sylvie arrives haven received calls from the Fourtier people demanding the watch be returned.

Now, on we go to Yellowjackets theories and important points I have to talk about or they'll leave my brain like it's a haunted house. Before leaving the topic of Van and Taissa, it's interesting to note that they had a sort of foreshadowing of the last scene as they discussed horror movie death tropes as they were walking, mainly discussing black character deaths that happen so early. Besides that, Lottie's gift to Van was more important than they realized as it was with Taissa (along with the flare gun) in the tree when the others were under attack by that group of wolves. The visions were coming true but Taissa continued to be stubborn and ignorant of what was happening while she slept, she should have never kept first watch. Grabbing at leadership and authority continues to be Taissa's downfall, and this time it concluded in the death of someone she deeply cared about. Lottie is obviously going to become more and more important with these visions after this episode.

On Svalbard, Lyra greets Iorek and tells him that she has done a terrible thing. After telling Iorek that he must fight Iofur, Iorek tells her she has done something great in deceiving a bear. He then goes to where Iofur is and gets ready to fight. The two bears clash, biting and clawing at one another and nearly hitting Lyra until Iofur wraps his mouth around Iorek's neck and drags him along the floor as Iofur begins to mock him. Lyra rushes to Iorek's side and Iofur realises that she is not his dæmon. As Iofur gets ready to strike her, Iorek springs up at Iofur and pins him down before killing him off-screen. After winning the fight, Iorek is declared the king of the bears and promises Lyra to free the prisoner in the gaol she had met earlier.

As Lyra and Roger ride on Iorek to Asriel's house, Will goes home and takes out the green leather writing case containing his father's letters and goes to his bedroom. When the two agents come in to search the house for these letters, he is worried and switches off his lamp before putting on a boxing glove and hiding next to the doorway of his bedroom. When Thomas enters the bedroom, Will punches him in the face causing Thomas to stumble backwards, trip over the cat, Moxie, and fall off the railing, landing on the ground floor and being killed. Will, shocked, picks up his rucksack and leaves the house just before the other agent finds Thomas. He walks past Mr Hanway's house where his mother is but doesn't stop there and continues along the pavement. 041b061a72


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